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Brand & Social Campaign: Find Your Fiat


Northside Fiat




Branding, Social Media, PR Campaigns, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Scriptwriting

The Brief

After years removed from the U.S. marketplace, the FIAT brand relaunched and returned to our shores. The Italian automobile manufacturer was beginning its rollout, with new dealerships popping up in cities throughout the country.

The Path Forward

In an already crowded landscape, these new FIAT dealerships needed to stand out in the crowd. To do so, they needed to do something innovative, something that would get eyeballs both in the real-world and virtual world of social media.

The Goods

It's not every day one can get a chance to test-drive a sporty Italian automobile for a week.


I conceptualized and developed a fully integrated brand awareness campaign, leveraging print, direct mail, radio, mobile app, and social media, to create awareness for the "Find Your Fiat" campaign for an Indianapolis Fiat dealership: #FINDY500 and #FindYourFIAT.

Two major highlights of the campaign were the radio spots and the integrated social media campaigns.


The radio initiative featured live reads and commercial spots by an Indianapolis Top 40 disc jockey, who had full use of the vehicle and showcased its many practical features to hers and station's audience across terrestrial radio and social channels.


The social media campaign strategy used weekly contestants who showed off what they did with the vehicle in and around Indianapolis by using the hashtag #FINDY500 to drive high levels of audience engagement. 


The campaign won the 2013 Business Marketing Association of St. Louis TAM Digital "Best Award" for Social Media Campaign. The awards were a showcase dedicated to the recognition and celebration of top-notch business-to-business marketing and advertising. 


(Note: Awards were renamed The ME Show Awards in 2015.)

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