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Content Design and Strategy: "The Edge of Farming"


The Edge of Farming Webseries


Ag & Entertainment


Content Design, Social Media, Creative Direction, Strategy

The Brief

The second season of the web-based reality series "The Edge of Farming" took viewers from the heart of America’s Indiana corn country to the steep hills of southeastern Washington and down to California’s Central Valley.

The Path Forward

A content design strategy to not only tell the story of the farmers profiled but to also translate the idea that farming is more than a job: it is a way of life. I interwove content from the series, its fans and leading farming sites to sew a tapestry that accurately painted a picture of agriculture and the many challenges farmers face on the series' site and related marketing channels.

The Goods

As a result of the branding strategy and content I developed and implemented across multiple channels, "The Edge of Farming" audience grew to new heights, setting new standards for viewership and online interaction for the series. (The integrated campaign developed for "The Edge" even managed to sell a Challenger tractor!)


The Facebook audience grew from just under 10,000, to a total audience surpassing 21,000 during the campaign's run. In addition to Facebook, the show’s YouTube channel total number of subscribers climbed to nearly 2,300 — up from 1,200 — prior to the debut of Season Two.

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