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Rebrand Campaign: Westgate


Westgate Automotive Group




Branding Campaign,

Marketing, Rebranding, Copywriting, Strategy, Creative Direction

The Brief

After an ownership change to a female-led group, a Midwestern automotive dealership was looking to rebrand their image to a friendly dealership with a personal touch through a series of commercials – and use a bit of humor in the process.

The Path Forward

Create a television and radio campaign that would help refresh their image and differentiate the dealership from their past reputation as a bottom-line automotive sales shop.

The Goods

Conceptualized the TV/radio campaign (themes, creative direction, and script writing) that captured audience attention while using relatable themes and deals as a driver.


The episodic campaign depicted the value of their pricing versus the competition in a playful manner using a popular game from an iconic gameshow.

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