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Corporate Communications & Rebranding: We Are Alexander


We Are Alexander




Corporate Communications, Rebranding, Content, Strategy, PR, Social Media, Project Management, Copywriting

The Brief

In the early 2000s, We Are Alexander (WAA) recognized a seismic shift happening in the advertising and premedia industry, based on changing consumer habits and the way companies were evolving to do business. With these shifts in mind, the organization set forth on a mission to change the construct of a marketing services organization with one objective in mind — helping clients achieve sustainable success that stands the test of time.

The birth of WAA had arrived.

The Path Forward

The official rebrand in December 2016 was a signal of the broader transformational changes the company had been making, as an organization to meet the changing needs of clients. It was a significant effort supported by an all-star cast making sure every last detail – from new branding to new parking stickers to the all-company kick-off celebration in St. Louis – went off without a hitch.

The Goods

A colossal, global effort. A few elements I contributed:


  • Corporate Communications: Managed internal/external communications messaging, voice and development, and public relations to ensure a smooth transition at launch and beyond. The rebrand was more than just a swap of colors, a few paint strokes and a new name; it was a new vision for the organization and the business

  • Content Design: Assisted in content development and content design for the new company website, from concept to launch, introducing We Are Alexander to the world and bring the brand vision to life

  • Creative: Collaborated on the creation of the new brand identity and its guidelines, the We Are Alexander story, trafficked creative assets, and contributed input and guidance to the overall creative vision

  • Brand and Communications Planning: Collaborating with key stakeholders, helped provide a strategic framework for the We Are Alexander branding, which served as a basis for the overall rebrand messaging

  • Logistics: Organized and managed all the project's moving parts, teams and timelines that went into a rebrand as significant as this and ensured a seamless and simultaneous transformation of offices and websites to unveil the new brand identity

  • Social Media: Revamped WAA's global social media strategy, led the design redevelopment of all company channels, managed audience engagement, and launched agency's new LinkedIn page and built its audience

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